10 Things to Do When It’s Hot as Hell Outside

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Love s’mores, but hate the campfire mess?

The heat of summer is upon us and you probably feel like dunking your head in an ice bucket right about now.

Although in a few months it will be winter and you’ll be complaining about how cold it is, right now you’re hot and bothered and there’s nothing worse.

But chill out because we’ve got you covered with 10 great tips on how you can beat the heat during this sticky, gross season.

#1. Hit the beach: Duh. They don’t call it beach weather for nothing, right?


#2. Go to the pool: If you can’t beat the heat, why not throw yourself in a pool and make a day out of it.


#3. Turn your backyard into a waterpark: Water balloons + water guns = a whole lot fun.


#4. Snack on frozen fruit: The perfect afternoon treat to cool you down. They taste like candy, but beware of the brain freeze.


#5. Watch Netflix all day in front of your A/C: What’s better than wasting a summer day bing-watching TV all day in front of your trusty air conditioner? Nothing, they both never disappoint.

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#6. Go to the movies: Check out your favorite summer blockbuster.

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#7. Put your pillow in the freezer: You won’t have to worry about flipping your pillow over to get to the cold side.

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#8. Go for ice cream: Ice cream always makes everything better.

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#9. Go shopping: If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that malls have A/C. So why not unleash your inner shopaholic and buy some cute summer outfits?

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#10. But if all else fails, head over to your local store and pick up a bottle of Frappuccino to cool off. No, seriously they have two new flavors (S’mores and Mocha Coconut) that’ll keep you coming back to stay cool this summer.



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