Is It Just Us, or Does Taylor Swift Suck at Shade?

'Bad Blood'
Perry's "Mean Girls" tweet about Swift is iconic.

Some people are saying that Taylor Swift took a shot at Katy Perry during her 1989 Tour stop in Foxborough, Massachusetts on Saturday, July 25. If it’s true, then Swift is kind of the worst when it comes to throwing shade?

By now, you are likely aware that Swift and Perry have “Bad Blood.” There’s an entire song about this, so don’t play ignorant, OK? Pretending not to know what’s going on doesn’t make you cooler, yeah? Anyway, with “Bad Blood” tainting airwaves across the nation and the recent Nicki Minaj vs. Swift with extra commentary by Perry kerfuffle, things between the Swift and Perry  have reached a kind of boiling point.

During Swift’s show on Saturday, a shark appeared on stage and “scared” the star of the show. (Despite her parade of famous guests, make no mistake: Swift is the one and only star of the show.) Some people have interpreted this as a dig at Perry’s Left Shark, that meme factory whose first and only appearance during her Super Bowl performance has been commemorated with an iPhone case.

Here’s footage of the moment in question:

Yes, that’s it. That’s the whole thing.

There’s a good chance Swift’s shark has nothing to do with Perry, but many fans are choosing to interpret the incident as a rather banal attempt to stir the shit. If it is Perry-related… Swift, girl, you need to step up your game.

In fact, looking back over this whole thing, Swift could really stand to learn a thing or two from her contemporaries when it comes to playing shady. “Bad Blood” is bad shade. For one thing, for a woman who purports to support women, the very existence of said song is at best in poor taste and at worst straight-up hypocritical. Moreover, the song itself isn’t even great, context aside. All of that, and for what? Taken in total, it makes Swift look like the petty one. Perry, on the other hand, has proven to be a master of the subtle rebuttal, using nothing more than a couple of instantly-iconic sub-tweets to get her point — that Swift is a secret Mean Girl — across. Perry knows shade. Perry understands shade. Perry is shade.

For an alleged Mean Girl, Swift really should have a better handle on this kind of thing.