Tuesday Ten: 10 Ways to Fashionably Beat the Heat

Don’t let the sweltering weather over the next couple months of summer ruin your sense of style! You can still manage to look fashionable and stay cool.

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There are three key elements for dressing in order to beat the heat with style: easy, breezy and breathable. Those styles range from rompers to sundresses, itsy bitsy bikinis to sandals!

But we’re not just talking clothing here – you also want to make sure your under garments are breathable to avoid the areas underneath your clothing from becoming sweaty, itchy and uncomfortable.

With that being said, here are 10 summer styles that will help you defeat this summer heat without taking away from the chic goddess you are!


1. Lightweight Chambray – Rails. Chambray tops will always be in style, no matter the season. This one is cropped and lightweight, A.K.A. perfect for summer.

2. Bright Mini Skirt – Tbags Los Angeles. Mini skirts weren’t left behind in the 90s. They’re perfect for summer days at work or for play, especially a bright, fun one like this!

3. Itsy Bitsy Bikini – Static Swimwear. Beat the heat with a bitty bikini – the smaller it is, the less worry over tan lines!

4. Tunic Top – TJ Maxx. Tunics are perfect for this time of year as they offer an easy, breezy style without showing off too much skin (great for work or family BBQs).

5. Chic Monikini – Montce. Just because it has the phrase “kini” in it doesn’t mean it’s made for just the beach! Pair this one-piece with high-waisted shorts and you have yourself a cute, sweat-proof ensemble!

6. Romper – The Jet Set Diaries. Rompers are a summer staple because they’re easy, lightweight and breathable.

7. Sundress – Dynamite. I mean, duh! You can’t survive a summer without your go-to sundress. I love this one because it’s light colored, and thus it won’t attract too much heat.

8. On-Trend Sandals – Aerosoles. While we thought we left this trend for our grandparents to carry on, slider sandals are all the rage right now. But if you’re going to try them out, find a pair with a modern touch like metallic straps.

9.  Short Overalls – Ksubi. Long overalls are to fall as short overalls are to summer! You can wear them over a bathing suit to the beach or with a collared shirt for a chic and preppy style.

10. Breathable Under Garments – Huit. Not only should your clothing be lightweight during these summer months, but you should also seek out a breathable bra to keep cool underneath your clothing as well!