Conan O’Brien Faces Lawsuit for Plagiarizing Jokes, Andy Richter Responds

A San Diego man slapped Conan O’Brienhis production company, and TBS with a lawsuit that claims that his jokes were recycled on Conan.

Robert Alexander Kaseberg filed a lawsuit on July 22 alleging that four of his witticisms that were posted on his blog and Twitter account were used in O’Brien’s monologue. The prosecutor points to this Tweet that was posted on February 17 as a first piece of evidence.


via Daily Mail

O’Brien’s monologue that same evening went like this:



The three other jokes that jest about Caitlyn Jenner, Tom Brady, and a desolate Delta flight that were featured on O’Brien’s late night show are similarly worded to Kaseberg’s tweets.

One report from Mediaite claims that the blogger had a 15-minute long phone conversation with Conan’s head writer Mike Sweeney who was “furious” that he would accuse the show of stealing his jokes.

Kaseberg writes,

“He was furious that I was accusing them of stealing jokes, but most of all he was incensed that I would suggest his writers would have anything to do with my pathetic blog and it’s author, me, a no-name failure.”

Conaco, O’Brien’s production company, released a statement to Entertainment Weekly on Monday, arguing that “there is no merit to this lawsuit”.

Coco has yet to comment on the lawsuit himself, though sidekick Andy Richter did quite a fine job on his own.


The most confusing development in this settlement, however, is Kaseberg’s compliant response to Richter’s kibosh on his own lawsuit. Was the joker misinformed on how to play sides?


But even as his claims are swept away by Conan’s reps, Kaseberg continues to poke Twitter with his funny bone.


A comedy fan of all people should know that you won’t like O’Brien when he’s angry.


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