Katy Perry Reveals Her Five-Minute Beauty Tricks and the Best Makeup Advice She’s Ever Gotten

As the face of Covergirl and one of the biggest pop stars of all time, Katy Perry has become a true beauty icon for our generation.

Moschino Girl
Katy Perry is named the face of Moschino.

But with that title comes the responsibility of upkeep – even when she’s rushing out the door.

In an interview with Byrdie, the 30-year-old singer dished on her five-minute beauty tricks and go-to products.

“One of my little tricks is just doing lots and lots of mascara,” she explains. “I’m [a sucker] for lash extensions these days. It’s really fun to wake up feeling Bambi-ish and fresh. I’ve had extensions for, like, five years, and then I dye my brows when I’m getting my extensions done. Then, I use Covergirl pencil and powder for my brows, lots of mascara, and that’s it.”

As for styling her hair in a jiffy? “I don’t really know how to do my hair very well. It takes a lot of patience,” she admits. “So I put it up, and I put one of those American Apparel twisty bandana things in. It ends up looking kind of cute and messy, and hippie.”

When she has a bit more time to spend on getting glam, Perry says the best thing her makeup artist Jake Bailey has ever taught her is the trick of contouring, which she claims helps take pounds off her face.

“Well, there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube right now, about “baking” and powder and shading,” she says. “Shading is so great, especially because some of my weight in between stuff shows up on my face. That’s where you first lose weight; it falls off your face. Until then, if you want to enjoy life, just get a little shade out, and contour your weight out of your face.”

She continues, “He’s so good at the glowy stuff, too. He adds it in my Cupid’s bow, to open up the lip, and also down your nose. It makes your nose a little smaller; Marilyn Monroe used to do it.”

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