Kim Kardashian’s Short Film for Hype Energy Drink Is All Kinds of Weird

Kim Kardashian Hypes Hype
Kim Kardashian busts out at Hype Energy Drink launch.
Kim Kardashian Channels Audrey Hepburn
See her Parisian-inspired shoot for Hype Energy Drink.

We’ve seen the bizarre photo shoot. Now, let’s watch the equally weird short film.

Kim Kardashian channels her inner Audrey Hepburn and Marie Antoinette in her latest video ad for Hype Energy Drink.

In the two-and-a-half minute long clip, the reality star rides around on her bicycle before — gasp! — falling off and dozing into some sort of a fever dream. Waking up in full French aristocratic regalia, Kardashian then lays around as the camera slowly pans over her body like some sort of creepy Glam Cam. (Is it just us, or did it kind of linger on her cleavage for a few uncomfortable seconds too long?)

Before the video is over, Kardashian rocks a variety of styles, including one with questionable cornrows,  as she cracks open a can of the beverage. Mmm, yum?

Watch the full thing — above.