Pole Dancing Nuns and 6 Other Things to Expect in Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ Tour

Amy Schumer to Open For Madonna's 'Rebel Heart Tour'
"Live from New York, it's Madonna performing 'Inside Amy Schumer'!"

Who needs the U.S. Women’s Soccer team when you have gyrating nuns?

Madonna released two new trailers for her upcoming “Rebel Heart” tour, the first of which you can watch featured above. The behind-the-scenes clips from dance rehearsals allude to nothing less than the provocative nature you’d expect from Drake’s make out buddy.

First, there will be flying nuns from a liberal convent.



Followed by dramatic face oil blotting.



Then, there will be gothic tongue-wagging,



Mixed with informal double-jointedness,



And gratuitous “Thriller” flash mobs.



Not a fan of impromptu guitar circles?


No sweat. Madonna has you covered.

She will surely just Whip and Nae Nae her way into your viral hearts.


The “Rebel Heart” tour kicks off on September 9 in Montreal, Canada. Tickets in select cities are still available for purchase through Madonna’s website.

Check out the second exclusive clip in the video featured below!