That Time Iggy Azalea Was Attacked By a Cat

A timeline chronicling how Azalea's career imploded in a year.

Not even those in the feline kingdom are fans of Iggy Azalea.

The Australian rapper, who once handed over her social media accounts to her management, is back on Twitter in full force, regaling us with a harrowing tale of how she was attacked by a cat before the it attempted kamikaze “jumped out of a second story window like a ninja.”

Azalea, who reaffirmed her status as a self-proclaimed cat hater, then (jokingly) lashed out at the pet — named Ralphy — and its owner, stylist Alejandra Hernandez.


It looks like cats can join the likes of Azealia Banks, Snoop Dogg, and Papa John’s Pizza as things Azalea has feuded with and now hates.

Wow, Iggy. As if the feline community hasn’t already been hit hard enough with the death of Cecil the lion, you go and create this smear campaign against Ralphy the cat? Rude.

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