Jesse Pinkman’s House from ‘Breaking Bad’ on Sale for $1.6 Million

A Frozen / Breaking Bad Mashup
It’s been a busy year for Frozen mashups and parodies...

Calling all meth dealers, or fans of Breaking Bad, the house where Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) resided on AMC’s Breaking Bad is for sale, and it will only cost you $1.6 million.

Two stories, four bedrooms, two porches, a luxurious master suite, gourmet kitchen and $3500 square feet of home can all be yours.

Real estate group Coldwell Banker also stresses the original wood floors and stone-frame doors, windows, chimneys, and fireplaces, but oddly, mentions another little detail in the press release. “Meth lab not included,” it adds, confirming that no one at Coldwell Banker ever actually watched the show, because he never cooked any meth in his own home.

The broker goes on to mention that future tenants should avoid having any wild parities in the home, because “It’s a really quiet neighborhood.”

“I know what you’re asking yourself … ‘Has the tub been replaced?'” reads one status update (from the listing’s Facebook page), referring to a scene where Pinkman poured acid on a body in the bathtub. “The answer is ‘Yes. Yes, it has.'”

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