Jessica Alba Talks ‘Mean Girl’ Moms

With two adorable little daughters, Jessica Alba may have become a seasoned vet when it comes to the whole parenting thing, but she admits she struggled a bit at the beginning of motherhood.

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The 34-year-old actress sat down with Yahoo! Parenting and opened up about feeling “judged” and “confused” by other moms when she first became a parent.

“Doesn’t it feel like the mean girl thing from high school sort of just transforms into adulthood through motherhood?” Alba says. “I think it has to do with hormones, right? I mean, this is the first time I’m actually saying this out loud, but that mean girl stuff happens when your hormones are going crazy. And then your hormones go crazy again when you’re pregnant and having a baby. And even when you’re breastfeeding. And I feel like maybe it’s just all those hormones, and people don’t know where to put their energy, so they just start clashing.”

Luckily, she found a few girlfriends she was able to rely on and with whom she could have an open and honest dialogue about the tribulations of parenting. Thus, she wants to continue to foster kinder conversations about motherhood.

Though she admits, “Now I’m one of those moms that gives you too much advice that you may or may not want,” she means well. “I think the biggest thing is that what works for you, or what works for your friend, isn’t going to work for everyone…There is no right or wrong.”

Alba continues,”I have two very different girls. The way that I parent one is different than the way that I parent the other. There’s no cookie-cutter way of going about it. I think we as women—and as moms—need to show younger girls that we support each other no matter what and to try and not be so judgmental.”

Amen, girl!