Find Out Which Elle Woods Mantra Reese Witherspoon Still Lives By

If there’s one thing Elle Woods knew for sure, it was how to dress – precisely why Reese Witherspoon (and any girl who grew up in the early 200os) will always seek her out for the best fashion advice.

Bend and Snap
Reese Witherspoon reenacts the Bend and Snap.

In a new interview with People Style Watch, the 39-year-old Legally Blonde actress admits that she still lives by one of Woods’ go-to mantras: “When you look good, you feel good.”

“I know that’s what Elle Woods says, but it’s true!” Witherspoon confesses. “When you look good, you feel good.”

Part of the blonde beauty’s own means of looking and feeling her best includes a bit of inspiration from her grandmother Dorothea Draper (the name behind her website Draper James).

“She was just sort of this quintessential Southern lady. She didn’t leave the house without feeling somewhat put together. That doesn’t mean she was dressed to the nines at all moments, but she pulled herself together and her presentation to the world was like, ‘I’ve got my stuff together.’ But it’s a good lesson as a young person: It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life, but you’ve got to show your best self to the world.”

Though Witherspoon now lives in Los Angeles, she still considers her grandmother’s “Southern Lady” style when getting dressed and heading out for the day.

“I’ve always been Southern… so I’ve always been attracted to that J.Crew preppy look with more color and sense of humor, even when there are boho vibes going on in California,” she explains. “I don’t feel comfortable in cutoff jean shorts. I think they’re really cute; they’re just not my personal style.”

Thus, when it came to Draper James – an online retail store – she opted for more southern styles.

“I wanted to do something that was quintessentially Southern, [for the] girl who has traveled the world but has decided to come home,” she reveals. “Whenever I’m in Nashville, that’s how people dress.”

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