Super Buff Chris Hemsworth Makes Average Penis Look Tiny, Needed Huge Prosthetic Penis for ‘Vacation’

Chris Hemsworth Ate 500 Calories a Day...
Chris Hemsworth really wanted a cheeseburger while eating less than 1,000 ...

The recent trailer for upcoming comedy flick Vacation caused a stir, thanks in the main to Chris Hemsworth’s extra-large member.

There is one scene in the film, in which he is just his boxers he’s packing a very significant package, one which is fitting for the man who plays Thor, but finding the right prosthetic was a challenging process.

In an interview with Vulture he revealed that a stand-in was initially employed to try out penises of varying sizes, which was, according to writer-director John Francis Daley “the opposite of funny because you felt so bad for this poor stand-in.”

Chris Hemsworth's Prosthetic Penis in Vacation

Once Chris arrived, however, it became awkward again, “but in a funny way” as they whittled their options down to two sizes – an 8-inch and a 10-inch.

Of the 8-inch option, Daley reveals, “As big as it would seem, it did not look that big on him. I think it was just because Chris is such a big, hulking dude.”

Writer-director Jonathan Goldstein added, “He makes the normal-sized penis look small.”

Daley went on: “Chris was playing with it and handling it, and we found that there was this metal rod in it that was supposed to make it bendable.” Go get yourself a glass of water, you’re looking thirsty.

Chris Hemsworth's Prosthetic Penis in Vacation
CREDIT: Warner Bros.

“The problem was whatever shape you bent it into, it would stay in — which is not like a real dick! So we took the rod out, which allowed it to be more flaccid, but obviously just as huge.”

The film is the latest installment in the long-running National Lampoon’s Vacation series, starring Ed Helms as the son of Chevy Chase’s character from the earlier films.