WATCH: Kyle Chandler Reprises ‘Friday Night Lights’ Role in New PSA About Theater Etiquette

'Friday Night Lights' Reunion
The cast reunite to relive Dillon memories.

Clear eyes, full hearts, don’t talk during the movies.

Kyle Chandler is back as the beloved Coach Taylor for Alamo Drafthouse’s new public service announcement. Reprising his Emmy-winning Friday Night Lights role in the theater chain’s new video, the actor stresses that all guests should “turn your goddman cell phone off” after his inspirational locker room speech was cut short by people too busy texting and talking to their friends.

However, this wasn’t the first time someone used our love of Dillon football to make a point. Earlier this year, comedienne Amy Schumer starred in a Friday Night Lights parody to take down rape culture and victim blaming following the Steubenville High School sexual assault case.

Now who says we can’t learn anything from TV?