Jon Stewart Reveals ‘Daily Show’ Finale Guests

'Daily Show' Musical Tribute
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The end is near…

Thursday (July 30) marked the one-week countdown to the final episode of The Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart. As if the world needed a reminder, Stewart said a few amazing things at the end of the episode and announced his last three guests. Ever.

Fellow funny people and Stewart’s BFFs Amy Schumer, Denis Leary, and Louis C.K. will join the world in tears of joy and sadness (hopefully, mostly joy) next week as our guy wraps 16 years of hosting The Daily Show. As Leary tweeted earlier this month, he and Stewart will do #GFY one last time:

According to The Washington Post, the last episode will be 50 minutes long to allow for “extra surprises.” The paper also expects Stewart’s other BFF Stephen Colbert to make an appearance.

“We’re gonna have a ball and I can’t wait to show you my appreciation,” he said on Thursday’s episode.

“All the support and enthusiasm you guys have given the show all these years… thank you all so much. Next week, tune in. It’s going to be a ball.”

Are your eyes still dry? Do you know where you’ll be watching the big show next week?

Stewart’s last Daily Show airs Aug. 6. To celebrate all things Jon Stewart, Comedy Central will hold a day-long marathon of old episodes leading up to the finale.