Khloé Kardashian: I Don’t Like Posing for Sexy Photos

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Even though she’s baring her butt on the current cover of Complex magazine, Khloé Kardashian says she’s never been a fan of provocative pictures.

Unlike little sister Kylie Jenner, who has taken to sharing close-ups of her cleavage in order to sell breast enhancement creams, the 31-year-old finds it uncomfortable to pose in sexually-charged photo shoots. Speaking with Australia’s Today, Kardashian admits she’s “not really that girl” who finds it easy to strip down for the camera.

“I was terrified to do that shoot,” she explains of her Complex spread. “Some women are always posting very sexual photos or just very risqué photos, I’m not really that girl.”

“I don’t wear bikinis. I just don’t pose like that,” she continues. “So to do the shoot was a big deal for me. I was so nervous.”

And then my soul saw you……

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Kardashian, who previously lost 13 pounds in three months, adds that she wanted to do the photo shoot to show off her hard-earned body.

“I go to the gym every day, I earned that body,” she explains, adding that she also shared her untouched photos to prove that her curves weren’t heavily Photoshopped.

Her body-positive mindset is also said to be reflected in her upcoming advice book.

“It’s about being strong mind, body, soul, not one size fits all. It’s not about lose 10 pounds. In 10 days, it’s about making smart lifestyle changes,” Kardashian says of the project. “It’s not just about the outer beauty, it’s about inner as well.”