8 Bizarre Items from the ‘Mad Men’ Props Auction

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Who wouldn’t want to own a piece of television history?

A fake stabbing knife? Deal. A side table with a missing tile? Sure why not? Dishwashing gloves? Cue the tears.

Lions Gate Entertainment and  is making your television dreams come true by putting nearly 1,400 items from Mad Men on the auction block. Conveniently, everything is online at ScreenBid so you can spend your time perusing the endless pages of items that range from the meaningful (Megan’s ring, Don’s home typewriter) to the plain old silly (Roger’s sock garters, Joan’s football from Bob).

Regardless of how much screen time each item had on the show’s seven glorious seasons, this is a fantastic way to say one final goodbye to Don Draper and company (or his 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, which is at the time of this piece at a bid of $9,100).

Here are eight other choice items we’d like to take home, if we had the cash monies.

Peggy’s knife


Yep, the knife Peggy used to accidentally stab then-boyfriend Abe in the stomach because she was all paranoid about the riots in Season 6. Subsequently, Abe broke up with her in the ambulance.


Gene’s floatie


It’s deflated, naturally. But you can pretend to be like Gene when he played in the pool with Megan in California.


These beating spoons (one broken) from Don’s childhood at the prostitute house


It’s not a good memory to associate with, but just remember: Mad Men history!


Sally’s hot water bottle


Sigh. When Sally became a woman and needed her mother (and not Megan)?


Meredith’s TAB can


Long live Meredith and her choice of sodas.


Megan’s bird friends


Again: Mad Men history! These little friends are supposedly from Megan’s apartment.


Jim’s ceramic leopard


Apparently, this Jim Cutler prop is very large and heavy.


Joan’s trash can 


Own a piece of history, even if it’s a trash can. In fact, take your pick from four others (including two gold ones owned by Don).

For a complete list of items still up for auction, click here. Bidding will begin to close on Aug. 6.

[All photos courtesy of AMC/Lions Gate Entertainment]