Charlize Theron Adopts a Baby Girl After Breaking off Engagement with Sean Penn

That’s a plus one!

Us Weekly confirms that Charlize Theron is on double mommy duty with the adoption of her second child.

Her daughter August, an African-American girl from the United States, joined the family when she was adopted by Theron back in July.

TMZ was told that the Oscar Award-winning actress worked with an adoption agency for 6 months to finalize the process. August is the baby sister to Jackson, Theron’s 3 year-old son from South Africa, whom she adopted in 2012.

Theron broke off her engagement from actor Sean Penn in June after dating for nearly a year and a half. The couple spoke of plans to adopt a second child together prior to their separation according to an inside report from Us. A source told the magazine, “There is still talk of adopting again and giving Jackson a brother or a sister.”