Watch: ‘Fantastic Four’ Stars Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan Handle Racist, Sexist Interview With Poise

Sometimes the level of ignorance presented by journalists is just so astonishingly shocking.

Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan found that out the hard way during an awkward press junket for Fantastic Four, but handled the offensive questions with the utmost professionalism.

During an interview with the Rock 100.5 Morning Show in Atlanta, GA along with Jamie Bell, radio host Steven J. Rickman (aka Southside Steve) just couldn’t believe that Mara and Jordan played siblings Sue and Johnny Storm on the big screen.

“Am I missing something? The obvious question, you’re white and you’re black,” he said to Mara and Jordan, questioning if there was an adoption. “But how does that happen?”


Jordan answered, “They could be raised as brother and sister. There’s a whole bunch of different family dynamics there can be without the obvious adoption.”

The interview didn’t stop snowballing downhill there, unfortunately. Maddeningly, Rickman then went on to discuss Mara’s appearance, mainly her haircut and (*shivers*) her toes.

“You’re way, way hot,” he told Mara. “Why’d you cut the hair? Your hair was beautiful.”

Mara replied, “I’m sorry. I know you don’t like it. I can tell.”

“This is a great interview,” she added sarcastically.

Rickman added again, “You look great with short hair or long hair, but I thought the long hair was excellent. So, did you cut your hair for this?”

She replied, “I cut my hair for a movie I just did.”

He asked again, “What would you cut your hair for?”

“They asked me to,” Mara explained. “I’m an actress. I have to be a chameleon.”

After asking if she’d be growing out her hair for the next couple or movies or not, things got really weird when Rickman told her, “I’m a toe guy. Your toes are fine.”

“Wow,” is all she said.


This isn’t the first time Jordan has been confronted with criticism by haters and internet trolls disappointed that he, a black man, would be playing the role of the Human Torch. Back in May, he penned a letter on Entertainment Weekly telling off the trolls and telling them, amongst other brilliant statements:

“To the trolls on the Internet, I want to say: Get your head out of the computer. Go outside and walk around. Look at the people walking next to you. Look at your friends’ friends and who they’re interacting with. And just understand this is the world we live in. It’s okay to like it.”

Watch their interview in the video below:

Rock 100.5 Morning host Jason Bailey has come to Rickman’s defense, telling Buzzfeed:

…Look, not a huge fan of these controlled 5-7 minute interview junkets they run in the first place but I was curious about the brother and sister thing. You have a white sister and black brother wouldn’t you want to know how that happened? I did. The other Fantastic Four franchises explain the relationship so I figured with this new hipster version they’d have some different backstory.

My partner’s (Southside Steve’s) conversation about Kate’s hair is something that came up while Michael B Jordan took a phone call so I think they were kind of just going back forth in a playful way. As for him complimenting her toes and why people are upset about that…sorry…no idea. Steve likes girl’s toes. People should be appreciative when they get complimented. Those that are upset on Twitter I guess don’t get enough of them. Who knows?

No thanks. Not having it (read: creepy toe compliments, and questions about race and haircuts).

Fantastic Four comes out in theaters Friday, August 7, 2015.