Makeup-Free Monday: Lady Gaga and 143 More Photos of Celebs Without Makeup

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We already know Lady Gaga is a natural beauty, but a little reminder is never a bad thing.

Queen of Bare Boob
Lady Gaga takes on NYC without a bra.

While Mother Monster was busy this week getting glam for several different parties, she always remembers to recenter and get back to her natural roots, stripping herself of the costumes and makeup.

Gaga shared two makeup-free selfies amongst her many fab styles this week. She posted the photo above, reading An Unquiet Mind while relaxing without any makeup on. Then, a few days later, she took to Instagram to share another natural selfie, joking that she left her eye makeup “doing shots at the party.”

Last nights eye makeup is still doing shots at the party

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Gaga has been going wild with new styles lately, bedazzling her eyebrows and going for super dramatic makeup.

One of her makeup artists Sarah Tanno explains to Refinery 29, “[Gaga’s] unhappy with conventional beauty; she doesn’t like things to look perfectly pretty all the time — she likes to feel a little like a punk. She’s rebellious, so a lot of times if I do something really pretty, she’ll want to fuck it up.”


A photo posted by @ladygaga on

Thus, to switch up her look a little bit, Tanno and the “Applause” songstress decided to play with her brows.

“I thought playing around [with] the brows was something really fun, because we’re in the age where everything is about a big, bold, beautiful brow — so we kind of wanted to do the opposite,” says Tanno. “We just wanted to do something more elevated — the eyebrow should be celebrated; it should be the new eyeliner.”

They’ve certainly succeeded in doing so, but I’m not so sure many people other than Gaga can pull off such a look.

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