Yes, Chris Pratt Really Did Paint This Mural

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What can’t Chris Pratt do?

Besides being generally awesome and starring in one of the highest grossing movies of all time, the Jurassic World star is apparently also an amateur painter.

The internet discovered his hidden talent when it dug up a 2003 Teen People article of Pratt talking about painting murals around town as a high school student. In the piece, the actor, who was on Everwood at the time, told the publication that he did some work at a local pizza joint in Granite Falls, Wash.

“I’ve done murals in my high school gymnasium weight room and a Greek scene on the wall of my friend’s restaurant. I like doing interpretations of pictures I’ve seen in magazines. I’ve even painted girls I know and secretly long for,” he said.

Well, an Imgur user named “slartibartfas” did some sleuthing and tracked down said mural, which still adorns the wall at Omega Pizza and Pasta today. Behold!

chris pratt mural

The restaurant had even framed Pratt’s article mentioning his artwork.

chris pratt mural

The poster also reported that restaurant owner said her son was friends with Pratt, who used to work for the pizzeria as a dishwasher.

When Pratt himself caught wind of the story, he took to Twitter to prove he’s still the nicest guy ever by sending his former workplace some love. He wrote:

Pratt and pizza? That’s a winning combination.

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