No One Bought Kim Kardashian’s Book of Selfies Because We’re All Selfish

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20 'Selfish' Selfies
See photos from Kim's book... for free!!!

Why does no one want Kim Kardashian to succeed? Why does no one want Kim Kardashian to take their money?

In May, Kim released Selfish, a book collecting new, old, and previously-unpublished selfies. Since then, surely, you have wondered, “Will people actually buy this crap?”

No. The answer is no. Speaking to Radar, reps from Nielsen Bookscan — which measures new book sales throughout the country — say only 32,000 copies of the book have sold. 32,000 may not sound like a totally minuscule amount — who buys books, anyway? — but when you consider that Kim has an Instagram following of more than 40 million, that sales number starts to look a lot less impressive. (0.8 percent of her selfie-loving audience shelled out the $9.99 for the hardcover. That is not a great ratio.) Perhaps the people who enjoy looking at her selfies for the low, low cost of free just weren’t willing to shell out money to do the same. Selfish indeed.

Of course, the terrible reviews of the book didn’t help. (Selfish currently holds a 2.5-star rating on Amazon.) As Radar points out, there is one silver lining: Selfish has already outsold Kendall and Kylie Jenner‘s dystopian young adult novel, Rebels: City of Indra, which has sold only 13,000 copies since its release more than a year ago.

The Kardashians and Jenners have proven adept at conquering the worlds of fashion, beauty, television, and social media, but apparently the book-buying public is not ready for their art. And lest we forget, neither is the music-buying public. You win some, you lose some. Even when you’re a Kardashian.