Louis Tomlinson (Finally) Confirms Baby News: ‘I’m Buzzing’

Liam comments on Louis' baby news.

It’s official, Directioners.

Louis Tomlinson has finally opened up about his impending fatherhood. And you can thank Michael Strahan for awkwardly squeezing in the million-dollar question on Tuesday’s Good Morning America, when Louis and One Direction took part in the show’s Summer Concert Series.

Here’s the million-dollar quote from the father-to-be:

“Obviously. It’s a very exciting time. So I’m buzzing.”

So there you have it. Louis feels like a fuzzy bee. Doesn’t everyone when they’re waiting for the arrival of their bundle of joy?

Of course, there was also non-baby news during 1D’s brief conversation on GMA. Here are some highlights:

On being Zayn-less: “It’s still going great,” according to Liam Payne. “We’re still going strong. We’re all still here.”

On dropping “Drag Me Down” in the middle of the night last week: “Usually we do a bit of a run up to it and we thought it would be fun this time to kind of dropped it. It worked,” said Harry Styles.

On their upcoming album: “It’s quite eclectic really, isn’t it.” — Liam.

Watch the full interview over at GMA.

Launch the gallery, above, for more photos from their Summer Concert Series appearance.