Miley Cyrus Gets ‘F*cked Up’ With Her Dad, Performs ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’

Miley Cyrus got a bit tipsy with her dad on Monday night, ending up on-stage to perform a little father-daughter rendition of “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”

Going Topless
Miley Cyrus goes topless with girlfriend Stella Maxwell.

The Cyrus duo was hanging out together at the final show for the 80s metal tribute band Steel Panther at Hollywood’s House of Blues. During the headbanging concert, frequent guest Billy Ray Cyrus was called on stage and pulled his daughter up to join him.

As she took the stage, the 22-year-old joked, “I just had to ask my dad if he’s as fucked up as me, and he said yes.” So if they embarrassed themselves at all, at least they were in it together!

Though Miley had not planned to sing (at all), the crowd began chanting “MILEY SING,” and she couldn’t help but oblige. As the song went on, she got more and more into the performance, hamming it up and even grinding (as Miley does) on the bassist a little bit.

Meanwhile, Cyrus next big performance won’t necessarily be on stage to sing again, but rather to host. She’ll be taking on the MC role at the 2015 MTV VMAs later this month.

Check out her father-daughter performance in the videos above.