Tuesday Ten: 10 Pieces of Standout Jewelry Perfect for Transitioning From Summer to Fall

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I really hate to be the bearer or bad news, but now that it’s officially August, summer is swiftly coming to an end, which means its almost that time to start transition our summer clothes for fall.

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I know, right? – It feels like we only JUST started getting our summer wardrobe together. But worry not. You can totally accessorize your outfits to help transition your looks for fall.

Here are some of our favorite statement pieces to do so:


1. Hair Chain – My Kitsch. Add some sparkle to your tresses with an adorable hair piece, like this floral and Russian gold hair chain!

2. iPhone Crossbody – Vanesa Rey. Nothing says chic and savvy like a crossbody necklace that not only houses your iPhone, but your credit cards, too!

3. Pearl Ear Jacket – My Silpada. We became obsessed with pearl ear jackets after we saw Emma Watson rock them at the Golden Globes in 2014. They’re girly with a slight edge!

4. Coordinates Ring – Coordinates Collection. This ring is not only super chic because it’s chunky and gold, but it also can commemorate a special moment or place in your life with personalized engraved coordinates.

 5. Layered Long Necklace – Capwell Co. Kendall Jenner showed us how hot a layered necklace looks in a bikini, wearing this same brand! The best part is it can only be transitioned to your fall looks, too  – add it over a t-shirt with jeans and you’re already looking fab!

6. Rose Gold Stacked Ring –SuperJeweler. Forget individual stacked rings! This one is all connected, so it looks stacked, but its all one piece!

7. Silver and Gold Statement Necklace – TJ Maxx. I love mixing and matching metals, especially when adding it to fall and summer hues. This is the perfect piece that can look great with a summer tee or over a plaid button up for fall!

8. Rose Gold Ear Jacket – Capwell Co. As you can probably tell, I’m obsessed with ear jackets and rose gold right now, so this piece is the best of both worlds! I really think rose gold will definitely be the color of the season moving into fall.

9. Pop of Color Statement Necklace –Passiana. A pop of color statement necklace – especially in red, which is fashionable for both summer and fall – is an easy piece that you can add for a bright touch to any ensemble.

10. Chunky Gold Cuff – Passiana. Gold cuffs are always going to be in. They’re a great accessory to bring together tons of different outfits. I particularly love that this one is accented with a buckle – so chic!