WATCH: ‘Uptown Funk’ Sung by Movies Is Truly a Work of Art

Senior 'Uptown Funk'
Dancing is so good for the (old) soul...

The mashup to end all mashups…

Just in case you’ve been busy watching the week’s other hot videos (like this baby sloth or the Fantastic Four Honest Trailer), we’d like to bring your attention to the latest “Uptown Funk” mashup.

YouTube genius dondrapersayswhat’s rendition of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ megahit is brought to you by some 280 movies. Yes, movies. Like Pulp Fiction. Napoleon Dynamite. Mulan. How to Train a Dragon. Beetlejuice. American Pie. A League of Their Own… you get the picture.

At 1.3 million views and counting, it’s proof that hard work (and time) really does pay off. Uptown Funk Sung by the Movies took the guy three months to make, ladies and gentlemen. Watch the finished product, above.