Beyonce Will Tattoo You Now

As if being everyone’s favorite musician, actress, MILF, wife, queen of everything and boss bitch weren’t enough on Beyoncé‘s resume, she just added tattoo artist to the list.

$300K Shoes
Who run the world? Beyoncé’s shoes, apparently.

Okay, so she won’t exactly be taking a needle and ink to your skin, but she has become the newest designer for Flash Tattoos!

Just announced today on CR Fashion Book, Bey collaborated with the metallic tattoo company she’s been known to adore and created an entire line dedicated to her (duh). The black and gold designs include a mix of her lyrics and song titles as well as Bey-hive centric pieces like honeycomb patterns and bees.

#BeyonceXFlashTattoos 🐝

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Beyonce also took to Instagram to announce the news, sharing a scandalous photo pulling down her underwear to reveal a “blow” tat.

The “Beyoncé” Flash Tattoo pack includes three pages of tats – 57 pieces  all together – and can be purchased here for a mere $28.