WATCH: Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisnberg Tackle Typical, Sexist Interview Questions

As we’ve seen more often then not, female actresses are typically forced to sit through press junkets, red carpets and interviews in which they continuously field an array of sexist questions: What are you wearing? Who are you dating? Are you pregnant?

She Smiles, Too
Kristen Stewart doesn't ALWAYS have a resting bitch face...

So in a new Funny or Die video, Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg – who star in the upcoming American Ultra together – decide to flip the script and shed some light on sexist interviews in Hollywood.

They interview each another, asking one another questions that are generally delegated to the opposite sex. For example, Stewart asks Eisenberg about what he’s wearing whereas she fields questions that are actually about the project itself.

After Eisenberg appears a bit flustered when asked whether or not he’s dating anyone, Stewart can’t help but ask, “Is this now how these things normally go for you?”

“No, I’m normally asked if I’m the class clown,” Eisenberg answers, to which K. Stew responds with envy, “Aw, that sounds so easy and fun. God, I would love that.”

Though we laugh watching the 31-year-old actor struggle to answer questions about his favorite designers and show off his nail-bitten fingers in the mani-cam, it’s a total reality check about the sexism that currently exists in Hollywood.

Watch the awkward interview in the video above.