Mariah Carey Upstaged by Son Moroccan at Walk of Fame Ceremony, He Gets Carried Away Crying and Screaming

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Children are precious things and Mariah Carey enjoyed an especially precious moment while receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today (Aug. 05, 2015).

Her 4-year-old son Moroccan was in a mood, clung on to his mommy and didn’t want to let go while she was posing for photos in front of her star, so the little one was dragged away and was NOT happy about it.

Watch it all go down in the video below.

Her non-reaction to her son being dragged away was pretty priceless.

She made a little speech and told her cheering fans, “I just want to thank all the fans for coming here today, thank you so much,” Carey said, drawing screams of support from the crowd. “I can’t thank you enough for being here with me, really. You’re melting my heart. You’re making me cry, and that’s why I’m keeping on my sunglasses, but I cannot thank you enough.

“This is a huge honor. It’s a childhood dream come true. It’s been a long time coming, so they say, and I’m very, very, very honored and very humbled and just so thankful to be here.”

She posted this pic to Instagram from the event:

In other major Mariah Carey news, Empire creator Lee Daniels announced the Grammy winner would appear on his show while introducing Carey at a ceremony where she received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“Watch her on Empire you guys. She’s coming on Empire,” Daniels said to loud cheers from fans.

The Oscar-nominated director didn’t elaborate on what role Carey would play, or how she might interact with the show’s diva, Cookie Lyon.

Check out more pics of Mariah receiving the 2,556th star on the Walk of Fame in the gallery above.