Miles Teller Is Mad That ‘Esquire’ Called Him a Dick in His Cover Story

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While some celebrities would be thrilled with any kind of press, Miles Teller isn’t so happy about his latest interview with Esquire magazine.

In the publication’s September 2015 issue, which the Fantastic Four actor covers, the female journalist who handled his article calle him out for acting “kind of a dick” during their one-on-one. In the piece, writer Anna Peele detailed the “dickishness” the 28-year-old exuded during their talk, including but not limited to:

  • Telling a waitress that the highball glass “is modeled after his cock.”
  • Showing her a photo of his back muscles to prove just how strong he is.
  • Boasting that “I’m better-looking than the public thinks I am.”
  • Making her cut up her meal into bite-sized pieces for him.
  • Calling Joaquin Phoenix “Joaq” despite actually not knowing the guy.
  • Bragging about how much pot he smoked in college.
  • Telling Peele that he’ll request the “‘Do not rape’ service” when calling her an Uber.


Hours after the feature made its way online, Teller took to his Twitter to dispel claims that he was not the so-called terrible brute the article made him out to be (despite, you know, all the aforementioned exploits that transpired on record).

In the same article, Teller told Peele, “I don’t give a shit … I can either censor myself or not, and you’re always trying to figure it out. It’s how you deal with the paparazzi. Do you not do what you would do? Do you live your life with all these filters and censors because everyone has a camera?”

Well, it looks like being uncensored has come to bite him in the ass.