WATCH: Taylor Swift Gives the Death Stare When Fans Almost Pull Her Off Stage

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You can have the time of your life at Taylor Swift‘s concert… so long as you don’t f*cking touch her.

New Single
Taylor Swift just announced her next single.

During Tuesday night’s 1989 World Tour concert in Edmonton, Canada, a couple fans got a little too excited during the 25-year-old’s performance of “Bad Blood,” grabbing onto her high-heel leather boots and almost pulling her right off stage!

Though she barely even stumbled, Swift turned around gave the offenders the death stare of a lifetime before she continued on with her performance.

One fan caught the whole thing on camera:

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“Some crazy town grabbed at Swifty Swift tonight!” the fan captioned the video. “Jeez buddy, keep your hands to yourself. Glad security was on him right away and of course Taylor carried on like a pro!”

In another video from a different angle, you can see the two fans literally jump up on stage to grab her:

The person who caught the act on camera tweeted to Swift, “Embarrassed by the drunk jerks, my seat neighbours, who grabbed you after BB. Not representative of Edmontonians. Sorry!”

Let’s hope not – she’s scheduled to perform in Edmonton again tonight!