16 Lesser Known Facts About the ‘Daily Show’ Host With the Most, Jon Stewart

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Today we celebrate a sweet 16 years of Jon Stewart gracing our television screens as he takes a final bow on The Daily Show

We’ve learned so much from Stewart over his tenure as the host of Comedy Central’s late night land mine including how to be ~zen~, if only for a moment, and how to run skeptically through a 24-hour news cycle. Yet so much remains a mystery about the man who once said,

“If your regime is not strong enough to handle a joke, then you don’t have a regime.”

Take note, Taylor Swift.

That said, here are 16 Lesser Known Facts About ‘The Daily Show’ Host With the Most, Jon Stewart.

1. Stewart’s full name is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, but he dropped his surname as an ‘F you’ to his estranged father.

2. His first job was working at a Woolworths department store — a position from which he was fired by his older brother Lawrence after he dove on to a beanbag and knocked over $10,000 worth of aquarium equipment.


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3. Stewart’s line of odd jobs include gigs as puppeteer, a soccer coach, and a busboy. He drew inspiration on his restaurant gig for the name of his production company, “Busboy Productions“.

4. He originally majored in chemistry before switching to psychology at The College of William & Mary.

5. Stewart once threw a newspaper at a staff member during a meeting while caught in a fit of rage. 

6. He is estimated to exit The Daily Show with a net worth of $80 million.


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7. Stewart invented a drink called “The Whack In the Head” during his stint as a bartender, which is a Long Island Iced Tea combined with an Alabama Slammer.

8. The New York Timesbestselling author provided the voice of President James A. Garfield for the audiobook version of Assassination Vacation.

9. Stewart proposed to his wife via crossword puzzle in The New York Times with the help of Will Shortz.

10. His least favorite guest on The Daily Show was Hugh Grant who has since been banned from visiting.


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11. He played Andy Dick’s twin brother in an episode of NewsRadio.

12. Fans created a “Bring Back The Couch” campaign when Stewart’s interview couch was done away with in 2006. The studio staple was made a prize in a Daily Show sweepstakes along with roundtrip tickets to New York City for a taping of the show and a small sum of money. The Blogspot page for the BBTC campaign still exists here.

13. The three most frequent guest hosts of The Daily Show are John Oliver (33 episodes), Stephen Colbert (11 episodes), andSteve Carrell (7 episodes).

14. An unaffiliated version of The Daily Show exists in Egypt, called Al Bernameg. Host Bassem Youssef imitates Stewart’s mannerisms, including the signature use of his mug.


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15. His cat, Stan, is the brother to two pit bulls named Monkey and Shamsky. Shamsky is named after the Mets baseball player, Art Shamsky.

16. “116939 Jonstewart” is the name of an asteroid discovered in 2004 and now your new Gmail password. You’re welcome.


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The final episode of The Daily Show airs Thursday, August 6, at 11 pm E.S.T on Comedy Central.