Alexander Skarsgård Reveals His Inspiration Behind Dressing in Drag on the Red Carpet

The ever hot hot hot Alexander Skarsgård donned drag during the San Francisco, CA red carpet premiere of his new flick The Diary of a Teenage Girl earlier this week, and now he’s revealed not only his drag queen name, but the inspiration behind his look.

The actor visited Buzzfeed HQ yesterday in all his beauty, and revealed his name was Lady Libido Lushbody.

Alexander Skarsgard drag queen for Diary of a teenage girl premiere
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And when Buzzfeed told him “That’s a lot of name,” he replied simply, “I’m a lot of woman.”

He then explained that he showed up in drag mainly because he didn’t want to be left out:

We shot the movie in San Francisco. Mari [Heller], the director, is from San Francisco, and she wanted to do a big screening for friends and family who shot the movie there; it takes place in San Francisco. We had a bunch of drag queen on the crew. Our first AD was Cousin Wonderlette; the casting director for the extras was Lady Bear, who is a legendary drag queen in San Francisco; and we had Peaches Christ.

We had a small group and we all became really close, and you know, dear friends of mine. And Mari wanted them to host the screening at the Castro and do a number from The Rocky Horror Picture Show before and do a big fun drag queen after-party. And I just felt, I asked, I didn’t want to be excluded from the fun. So I asked if there was any way I could come in drag, and they were nice enough to say yes.

As for his inspiration, he explained: “My inspiration was Farrah Fawcett. I said I want something glamorous like Farrah Fawcett. And they went for it. They made this dress, a wig, and fake tits with really nice nipples, and high-heeled shoes. The whole thing.”

And his ***flawless blonde wig and ’70s-like gold dress in the style of Fawcett’s iconic hairstyle was totally on point.

Alexander Skarsgard dresses in drag for premier of The Diary of a Teenage Girl
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Skarsgard also learned a lot about the drag community:

I found out — Mercedez Munro was the drag queen who did all my makeup, and at the after-party the drag queens came up and said, ‘Oh, have you met my mother, have you met my daughter?’ The drag queens said that while introducing people. I didn’t quite understand what that meant, but then Mercedez told me, ‘I am now your mother.’ Because whoever does your drag makeup the first time becomes your mother. So I now have a drag queen mother.

Alexander Skarsgard drag queen for Diary of a Teenage girl premier
CREDIT: Buzzfeed



Skarsgard also revealed to Us Weekly that he’d absolutely be willing to step out as Lady Libido Lushboy again, even though he confessed it wasn’t too comfy: “It was not comfortable, I’ll tell you that! The shoes, the hair, everything. It was incredibly painful.”

The Diary of a Teenage Girl opens in limited release on Aug. 7, and is part of our must-watch list for Summer 2015 films. See the full list of August flicks here. 

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