Andy Grammer Is Making Big Strides in Music While Wearing French Bulldog Socks

Watch Andy Grammer Battle The Claw
Ah, the "claw machine" — one of man's biggest challenges.

Have you ever been in the supermarket when a song comes on, instilling an urge to swing the senior citizen buying radishes round and round? Artist on the rise Andy Grammer has hits that inspire such instantaneous joy, and you can just ask Mr. Finklestein from aisle seven for further confirmation.

Grammer spoke exclusively with Celebuzz! about the healing power of music, his bountiful collection of socks, and the master plan behind his summer ear worm, “Honey, I’m Good“.

“Life is hard, you know,” he relates, his soulful laughter echoing over a tour rehearsal jamming out in the background. “If I can give someone on the radio three minutes to make them feel happier, that’s a cool thing.”

Grammer simply aims to make people happier by bringing humankind together. This prerogative is reflected in the smiles of fans in his “Honey I’m Good” music video featuring one hundred couples lip-syncing to the song while creatively displaying the length of their relationships. A young couple clinks two Solo cups together with “3 years” scribbled on the side while a sprite, older duo bops in tandem with “48 years” painted on wine glasses.


As an artist driven by the fulfillment of his fans, Grammer considers himself a songwriting shaman of sorts. He explains, “Once you see the impact that you have on people, either at a meet and greet or after a show, you think ‘Oh man, they need to feel better today.'”

“It’s like when someone with a broken arm walks into a doctor’s office and says, ‘I need you to fix me.'”

Though he is soaring into the public’s radar following his hit single and a ‘1989’ tour performance with Taylor Swift, Grammer is the first to admit that he has been scraping for his success for quite some time. Growing up under the same roof as his father, a Grammy-nominated children’s performer, he witnessed first-hand the necessary drive for success. The “Fine By Me” singer even hustled as a street performer early in his career before signing with a label in 2010.

Starting up the tour with @americanauthors got me feeling like this picture… #tbt #thosesocksthough

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This ambition still burns within Grammer, unabashedly divulging that “Honey” was the 101st song that he wrote for his album. “It’s not hard to create a song” he admits, “But to write a song that’s really going affect somebody? That takes a hell of a lot of time.”

“Sometimes you have to dig to find that lyric or song that no one else has touched yet.”

Now on tour, Grammer looks forward to unwinding each night with people that he loves the music that he loves. “That’s what a show is: a lot of people getting into a groove and enjoying the same music together. And to be the leader of that — well, that’s pretty special,” he adds with a grateful sigh. 

However, panty-flinging from your run-of-the-mill rock show will be replaced by herds of flying socks. Grammer, who was wearing French bulldogs on his feet at the time of our interview, no longer needs to pack footwear linens when embarking on tour thanks to fans who know him as a bit of a sockophile.


SWEETEST. FANS. EVER. @bri.marie_ #wecanblameitonthestars #orion


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“I can’t say that the socks directly inspire my songwriting, but they do remind me that I don’t want to let people down.”

Here are 3 Fast Facts to Get a Better Glimpse into the Sole of Andy Grammer:

  1. His favorite food is New York-style pizza, followed by steak (cooked medium!) as a close second.
  2. His dream #squad would include Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, Chris Martin, and Ryan Tedder from the band OneRepublic.
  3. The best advice that he ever received came from his father, which he still keeps in mind as he rises to the top of the charts:

“The cool kids are continuously changing, so be nice to everyone.”


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Tickets for Andy Grammer’s tour, highlighting his sophomore album Magazines & Novels, are on sale through his website. Check out the music video for “Keep Your Head Up” featuring The Office’s Rainn Wilson embedded below!