Busta Rhymes Gym Assault Arrest

'Diddy' Dodges Felony
Sean Combs avoids felony for attacking UCLA football coach with a kettlebell.

This past Wednesday night, rapper and actor Busta Rhymes apparently added assault to his rap sheet when he was busted for allegedly throwing a cardboard container of a protein drink at a gym worker.

The fracas took place at approximately 8:30 p.m. in the Chelsea-area Steel Gym in New York City. According to ABC, the 43-year-old rapper (born Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr.) got involved in an altercation with the gym employee, the climax of which took place when Busta threw his protein shake container at the victim.

Sources claim the male worker was hit in the head with Busta’s 17-ounce drink strawberry-flavored protein drink when the rapper tossed it at him during their scuffle. As a result, the musician is now facing a charge of second degree assault.

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