WATCH: Gigi Hadid Flaunts Her Sexiness in Calvin Harris’ New Music Video for ‘How Deep Is Your Love’

Gigi Hadid is definitely making her bestie Taylor Swift proud!

Going Nude
Gigi Hadid says going nude helped her career.

The 20-year-old supermodel is the star of Calvin Harris’ new music video for “How Deep Is Your Love,” and she looks absolutely ethereal.

Floating through several different realms – a night club, a pool party, a yacht and a bonfire – Hadid shows off her incredible figure in a couple body-baring outfits, proves that she has the world’s best hair and seduces us with her sultry pout.

“The lead girl [in the video] was inspired by Taylor,” a source said of Hadid’s role, which sort of makes sense considering she does, in fact, wear a high-waisted bikini at one point.

Just yesterday Hadid spoke out about their group of gal pals and how they’re all about lifting each other up and supporting each other both professionally and personally. This music video collaboration – Swift’s bestie and her beau – is definitely a great example of just that!

Check out the full music video above.