Hugh Jackman, Sam Smith, and the Moon Are All Suffering from Photobomb Fever

Hugh Jackman Is Not Allowed to Work With Angelina Jolie
His wife only has one rule: no Angelina Jolie.

The only thing more contagious this week than Legionnaires’ disease in New York City is Photobomb Fever in Hollyweird and beyond.

First, Hugh Jackman made Australian news reporter Jessica Turner’s career by videobombing her newscast outside of a hospital where he and his wife were visiting sick children as representatives for the Fight Cancer Foundation.

Turner followed on the strange encounter in a blog post titled ‘Why I Am a ‘Hugh’ Fan of Jackman’. She writes, “I kind of heard someone yelling behind me, but like all reporters, I’m practiced at blocking out any background craziness and staying focused … Until the Wolverine practically had his arms around me!”

“Yep, you can photo-bomb me all day Hugh.”

Apparently Jackman even apologized to the reporter as he walked away, but let’s be honest: photobombing never comes with regrets.

Next up is Sam Smith who had a flare up of the fever while roaming around Red Rocks Amphitheater, the concert venue where he would later be playing a show for his tour that evening.

The women continued to babble on about “Yoga on the Rocks” even after they were informed by the reporter that they were being interviewbombed. Though they had no idea who Smith was at the time, it can be assumed that they are literally kicking themselves (if they are true yogis) after he posted this photo on his Instagram account.

Photobombing the news 😩😂

A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

  Finally, the moon photobombed the earth, which your high school science teacher is describing as, “Out of this world.” NASA reports that they will be able to capture this image twice a year thanks to their nifty EPIC camera and distinguished nerds everywhere are responding accordingly.


Seems like we all got a fever and the only prescription is more photobombing.