Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Got Married Last Night

The wedding of the decade might have finally happened last night.

Rumor has it the 44th birthday party Jennifer Aniston threw for Justin Theroux was actually a surprise wedding.

Update — Aug. 6, 12:15 p.m. ET:

E! News confirms that Anniston and Theroux have in fact tied the knot! Other celebrity guests included Jason Bateman, Sia Furler, Samantha Ronson, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, and more.


TMZ is reporting that their party at their Bel Air mansion was a “massive birthday party that had all the fixings of a wedding.”

Meanwhile, a rep for the couple told GossipCop coyly, “If Jen and Justin feel the need to respond to tabloid and media guess work about a private party held at their home they will let me know. In the meantime they will remain private like they usually do.”

So, has the beautiful couple finally tied the knot or what?

Sources say guests included Chelsea Handler, Lisa Kudrow, Howard Stern and other friends. Other triggers suggesting the party was actually a surprise wedding was the cake, which was topped with two muppet-like characters, one male and one female. TMZ speculates that if it were just a birthday party, then why are there two figures on the cake?

Additionally, a pastor holding a Bible was photographed entering their residence. Another series of photographs of their backyard seem to indicate that the intimate party was a wedding: beautiful table settings, candlelight, etc.

Sources also revealed that the couple had a huge shed built last week in order to hide party supplies and furniture, and they even had their pool covered in order to allow additional walking/wedding/dancing/party space. Furthermore, the phones of everyone hired to work the party were confiscated a week in advance. In order words, they did not mess around when it came to keeping this shindig a secret.

As previously reported, Theroux and Aniston’s wedding has been kept super secret ever since they got engaged back in 2012. On top of that, they are a notoriously private couple, so much so that not even their friends knew when it was happening until it was happening. As a result, rumors of a wedding have been circulating ever since their engagement.

Back in November 2014, for example, Ellen Degeneres asked Aniston about the wedding rumors and they laughed over the “ifs” and “whens” of its occurrence.

She had explained in part, “It’s funny actually our friends Sacha [Baron Cohen] and Isla [Fisher] have shown up for four parties, four little gatherings, about a year ago, they would show up in beautiful wedding wear. Even like the 4th of July last year, they showed up and Sacha was in a powder blue suit and Isla was in a little cute dress. And we were like guys it’s the 4th of July we’re in cutoffs and eating hotdogs. We will actually let you know!”

Degeneres also recalled, “That one time, remember, Portia [De Rossi] and I called because it was very secretive. It was like, ‘There may be a thing this weekend. We’ll let you know… Because it wasn’t like just to come over. It was like we’ll let you know where it is and what time if you can make it. We were like, ‘Oh, should we make it?’”

Theroux turns 44 on August 10; in any case, happy early birthday to the handsome actor and congratulations to the pretty couple, if they did in fact tie the knot!