Kourtney Kardashian Channels Kylie Jenner: Bares Lots of Cleavage in Bikini Selfie

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Now that she’s single, Kourtney Kardashian is putting herself out there… literally.

Kylie's Sexy Selfie
Kylie Jenner is showing off a lot of skin in this Instagram selfie.

The mother-of-three took to Instagram today to post a super sexy selfie, which she joked brought out her inner-Kylie Jenner.

Wearing an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny black chain bikini, Kourtney bares lots of cleavage and gave the camera a sultry pout. Only one word comes to mind: MILF.

Kourt captioned the pic, “@kyliejenner taking over my Instagram feed,” joking about her little sister’s knack for posting lots of similar sexy selfies.

Meanwhile, we’re sure Scott Disick took one look at this and smacked himself for being such an idiot.

The couple split early last month and have been living separately ever since. Disick has posted several cryptic messages about their breakup, and though Kourtney has stayed relatively mum, she did take to Twitter yesterday to share this:

The video is entirely dedicated to the power of vulnerability and how it affects human connection, love and relationships.

We’re not sure what Kourtney means by it, but we hope it’s her way of saying she’s moving onward and upward!