Miles Teller’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Co-Stars Say Actor Is Not a Dick

'Fantastic Four' Stars Take Down Sexist Reporter
Watch how Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan handled a really inappropriate interview.

Just like how the movie’s tagline suggests, the Fantastic Four cast is proving that there’s strength in numbers.

Miles Teller’s co-stars has rushed to his aid after Esquire published a not-so-flattering article detailing the actor’s “dickishness.”

In the cover story, the interviewer claimed that Teller was being “kind of a dick” throughout their one-on-one. Aside from including a quote in which Teller boasted about how he’s actually “better-looking than the public thinks,” the reporter also wrote that the actor made her cut up his meat for him, told a waitress that the highball glass “is modeled after his cock,” and made a rape joke during their time together.

Soon after the piece had published, Teller’s Fantastic Four co-star went on Twitter to defend the 28-year-old’s honor.

Kate Mara, who plays Teller’s onscreen wife Sue Storm in the superhero flick, wrote on Twitter:

Jamie Bell also echoed her sentiments, writing:

Michael B. Jordan, who appeared alongside Teller in That Awkward Moment prior to Fantastic Four, vouched for his co-star as well.

While stars who’ve worked with Teller sided with him, members of the press had mixed reviews about the actor.

As for the person behind the actual article? This was what Anna Peele, the journalist who interviewed Teller for the story, had to say: