Chris Brown Calls Out Nia Guzman for Using Daughter Royalty as a ‘Meal Ticket’

Chris Brown's Home Invaded, Aunt Held Hostage
Chris Brown isn't having such a good day.

Chris Brown is rocking the custody battle crib by calling out his child’s mother on Twitter.

The R&B singer known for his respected track record with women is at it again, claiming that Nia Guzman, is using their daughter Royalty as a “meal ticket”.

He went on a Twitter rant in the wee hours of Friday evening.


This shade rolls in only days after Guzman requested that Brown’s visits with their daughter are supervised due to his alleged substance abuse issue. It was reported by TMZ that she had originally filed for $15,000 in child support from Brown last month. Brown turned the custody battle around, seeking joint custody over Royalty without supervised visits.

A source told E! News that up until this point the couple had been on good terms with each other. “Neither Chris nor Nia is interested in a romantic relationship, which makes things easier,” they claimed. “He can do what he wants, she can do what she wants—there’s no stress about that.”

Until now, that is.