Hilary Clinton Broke the Rules So Kim Kardashian Could Get Her Selfie

So, about that cheerful selfie Kim Kardashian got with Hilary Clinton (photobombed by Kanye West)…

Apparently, that selfie is a super special one from Clinton’s fundraiser at Scooter Braun’s Los Angeles home last night because selfies with the Democratic presidential hopeful were technically banned.

Clinton broke protocol and made an exception by allowing Kardashian, Queen of the Selfie, to take one with her, reports TMZ.

Although guests were warned they wouldn’t be able to take photos with Clinton, “when Kim approached, Hillary’s security broke protocol and stood down, with Hillary’s blessing.”

It was Kim’s goal to get a selfie with Clinton, writing on Twitter before the event, “Excited to be meeting our next President tonight!! Maybe she’ll take a selfie with me!”

Kim boasts a following of 34.2 million followers on Twitter, and 41.8 million on Instagram. Their photo (in other words, her endorsement) was everything anyone was talking about last night (perhaps stealing a bit of the spotlight from the GOP debate happening on the other side of the spectrum)…

I got my selfie!!! I really loved hearing her speak & hearing her goals for our country! #HillaryForPresident

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TMZ additionally reports that Kardashian and Clinton spoke about childcare and baby North. Hilary apparently gushed and told Kim that she’s seen photos, and finds her absolutely adorable.

Kris Jenner was also able to get a photo with Clinton:

An Honor to meet you Hillary Clinton! Great evening… #ohjustchatting

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We do love it when the Kardashians get political.

Other famous guests at Braun’s fundraiser included Usher, Kris Jenner, Tom Hanks, Jessica Alba, and Jason Collins.