Kim Kardashian Tweets Selfie With Hillary Clinton and Kanye West

Hillary Clinton Joins Instagram
The Secretary of State treads new ground on social media.

While Republicans kicked off the primary GOP debate Thursday night, Hillary Clinton posed for a cheerful selfie on Twitter with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on Twitter.

Hillary was all big smiles in the pic, while social media maven Kim gave her standard pouty-lipped pose. Livening up the scene was a rare photobomb by Kim’s husband, rapper Kanye West, who wore a bemused expression in the background.

In the tweet leading up to Kim’s pic with the former first lady, Kim posted about meeting “our next President” on Twitter. At the same time that Kim posted the image, Republicans were heatedly debating live on Fox News.


With Kim boasting over 32 million Twitter followers, Hillary could certainly use the social media exposure to the young voters of America. No word yet on whether or not political conservative Caitlyn Jenner has plans to offer a selfie guest spot to any potential Republican presidential candidates.