TV’s First Transgender Wedding on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’

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Soap opera actress, Karla Mosley, is about to make history by portraying the first transgender character on TV to get married.

The wedding episode between Mosley’s character, Maya Avant, and her husband-to-be, Rick Forrester (played by Jacob Young) is scheduled to air on August 10 on CBS.

Entertainment Weekly obtained this snippet from the upcoming episode, which includes a tense moment between Karla and her onscreen father Julius, portrayed by Obba Babatunde, during the couple’s nuptials.

Executive producer for the daytime drama, Bradley Bell, revealed that Mosley was on board with the storyline from the beginning and is excited to see what doors may open for future storylines that are more inclusive of transgender characters onscreen.

Bell tells EW, “It’s been an honor to tell this positive story of love and acceptance and now we will see the drama peak as we reach Rick and Maya’s wedding day, which will not be an easy walk down the aisle.”

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