32 Celebrities Who Totally Sold Out

Everybody has their price, including some of the biggest and best entertainers in the world, leading to their renown as celebrity sellouts.

Musicians, actors, athletes, writers – very few are above abandoning their principles or philosophies just to make a buck or two. This is what we call a sellout, people. And in Hollywood, celebrities who sold out are a dime a dozen.

But there’s often a fine line between being a sellout and being a businessperson, right? Just because someone capitalizes on their fame to get either more fame or more money doesn’t make them a sellout necessarily, does it? Nope! It’s when they completely go against everything they stood for, rebelled against, or became famous for, instead becoming addicted to making money hand over fist, no matter what the project or endorsement – that is a bonafide sellout. Read the list on Ranker

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