Coco Austin Reveals She’s a ‘Slave’ to Ice-T, Thinks Women Should Be Submissive to Their Husbands

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Coco Austin opened up about her and Ice T’s sex life last night on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live.

Austin, who recently announced she was expecting her first childChanel with the rapper/actor, told Cohen bluntly, “I think all women should [submit to their husbands],” and “I’m a slave to him. I don’t mind.”

“By her choice,” Ice-T, 57, explained. “She likes that. She’s into that.”

They are being more conscientious and less active in bed now that Austin is pregnant. “…I am trying to be careful with little Chanel, not to over do it. We can’t go hardcore with it, you have to be a little more delicate.”

The 36-year-old, who is six months pregnant, also denied that they are using a surrogate. Of her barely-there baby bump, Austin commented, “People think I am having a surrogate because there is nothing there, but it is there, guys! There is a lump there.” She also said she’d be giving birth naturally rather than via C-section.

They even dished why they decided to go with the name Chanel. “Actually we came up with two names — a guy’s name and a girl’s name — 10 years ago so we already had it planned, Coco explained, noting the boy’s name would be Titan. “I didn’t want to name her Coco because I feel like that’s giving her too much of my identity. So I was like let’s go close to Coco and we’ll name her Chanel.”

And when it comes to booty’s, Coco is a believer that Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj‘s are real.

You know what, people ask me this all the time. You can’t ask me that because everyone always thinks my booty’s fake. Theirs are probably real. So I’m just going to go with they’re both real. I hate when people think that mine is fake so they probably have the same problem too.

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In the video below, the couple of 15 years answer questions on parenting and see whether or not they’re consistent with each other.