WATCH: ‘Weirdos’ Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg Discuss Weed and Stoners

Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg are a match made in movie promo heaven.

The duo are out and about promoting their newest movie American Ultra together, and this time they’re discussing Mary Jane (which is a big part of their characters’ lives).

Buzzfeed video had Stewart and Eisenberg play a “guess that pot paraphernalia” game, and things got weird (as Buzzfeed puts it).

Here’s a stoner, as defined by Stewart:

Even if you don’t proclaim yourself as a stoner and you smoke a lot of weed, you’re still a stoner.

And a stoner, as defined by Eisenberg, is:

That’s probably the only criteria for being a stoner, is smoking the pot….I think if there was some kind of marijuana that allowed me to enjoy life, but still like remember where I put my keys, I would do that. Because that seems like best of both worlds.

Earlier today (August 10, 2015), Eisenberg and K-Stew appeared on the Today Show to discuss their roles in American Ultra: two stoners in love who must battle the government.

Stewart explained, “I love getting physical. It’s such a particular thing, ’cause I’m sort of like this backbone of emotional stability for him, but we’re in such a ridiculously heightened [situation]… I’m constantly telling him things are okay when things are so completely not okay.”

Eisenberg, who has more fight scenes in the flick, added, “Normally I do movies about people complaining in rooms,” and having fight scenes was the “greatest thing.”

As for their on-screen chemistry (they’ve previously worked together in 2009’s Adventureland), Eisenberg joked, “I just got lucky. I guess for her, she lost a bet.”

Stewart commented more articulately, “I think we’re both just kind of weirdos. And so, like as a team, we’re a little bit less weird, because we get it from each other. We’re like the nerds who actually, as a whole, become like, ‘Oh, we can make a cool movie together.’”

And indeed, they do make cool movies together. They will be working together again in Woody Allen’s next untitled project, which also is set to star Blake Lively.

American Ultra comes out in theaters on August 21, and is also part of our Summer Movies to See list. Check out more here!