Happy Birthday Kylie Jenner! See 28 of Her Hottest Bikini Photos We No Longer Feel Weird About Insta-Stalking

Kylie Jenner is finally legal.

Stealing Kim's Style
17 times Kylie Jenner Stole Kim Kardashian's look.

The now 18-year-old has probably been looking forward to this day way longer than we have, considering she can now legally date her 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga. However, we must admit that we also have some selfish reasons for being excited about the milestone b-day, too.

For one: we won’t feel weird about stalking her sexy, skin-baring Instagram photos anymore.

Seriously, Kylie is the queen of the bikini selfie and though her looks (and personality for that matter) far surpass her age, it was still weird for us to actually admit she looked hot upon remembering she was still an adolescent.

But alas! Those days are behind us. Kylie is 18, and in celebration, we’ve collected her 28 hottest bikini moments. (Stalk, lurk, double-tap thumbs up, favorite, like and comment away, my friends).

Launch the gallery above to check them out.