Iggy Azalea Continues to Do the Most, Wages War Against Comic Book Nerds

Inside Iggy's Downfall
How dig Iggy go from No. 1 to no fun in under a year?

Remember the days when Iggy Azalea was so over Twitter and the trouble it caused her? No, she doesn’t either.

The latest entities to be added to Iggy Azalea’s Long, Long List of Nemeses are, naturally, a Twitter account for fans of superheroes and white comic book nerds in general. From a cultural perspective: how utterly important.

It all began with a Tweet from @SuperheroFeed, which posts news and other content about comic books and the endless parade of movies sourced from those colorful pages.

Azalea noticed the tweet after one of her fans replied to it. So of course she then jumped in with her own dig at “middle aged men who get boners over comic book movies.”

Because someone like Batman would not be likely to take such an insult lying down, @SuperheroFeed then clapped back with a solid shot at the rumors Azalea employs ghostwriters for her raps. Azalea — a popular rapper with 5.58 million Twitter followers — for some reason continued to engage with the superhero fan account, which boasts a modest (but passionate!) following of 148,000.

Azalea resorting to the use of the  “I have more money than you” mantra is just slightly amusing considering she recently canceled her tour and hasn’t released a hit song in a year. (I’m not saying she doesn’t have money, but the woman is not Katy Perry, OK?) @SuperheroFeed apparently agreed, and so they posted this (now-deleted and devastating) riposte:


Azalea continued conversing with her followers on many topics including emojis, Netflix, True Detective, her new album, and hats being “bitchy.”

Great talk, everyone!