Leonardo DiCaprio Is a Richer Man Thanks to French Magazine’s Rihanna Baby Rumors

What's In Leo's Beard?
No, really. What's in there?

We’ll take any opportunity to bring back the #RiCaprioReport, even if it has more to do with court battles than courtship.

Gossip Cop is reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio has come out as a winner in the lawsuit against French magazine Oops! In June, the 40-year-old actor sued the publication for its May 13 cover story claiming that then-rumored lady friend Rihanna was pregnant with his baby.

A French court has ordered the magazine to pay some $8,800 USD (8,000 Euros) to DiCaprio in damages and legal fees. (As you may recall, the original suit was looking for $20,000 USD — the maximum). According to Gossip Cop, Oops! readers will also see a mandatory note in a subsequent issue detailing DiCaprio’s victory, as per the ruling.

Despite the ruling, one owner of Oops! (who is also a defendant in the lawsuit) has a few new, unkind words for DiCaprio. Frederic Truskolaski, who tells Gossip Cop the ruling was “totally” expected, is now accusing the Wolf of Wall Street star of being “a pervert.” Let’s try to entertain the rest of his statement, shall we?

“DiCaprio almost systematically goes out with Aryan-type girls, always blonde hair… He could not stand the fact that our magazine was saying he was having a baby with a black girl.”

Perhaps Mr. Truskolaski should start saving up again, in the event of another lawsuit…