Remembering Robin Williams One Year After His Passing

O’ Captain! My Captain.”

August 11, 2015 marks the one year anniversary of Robin Williams’ sudden passing. The news of his suicide sank the collective heart of humanity and the world has been in mourning ever since.

Today, his friends and fans are honoring the late comedian who breathed so much joy into our lives. Sarah Michelle Gellar kicked off the tributes with a photo of the iconic bench from his film Good Will Hunting. She added a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson in the caption, paying homage to Williams’ success as an influential public figure.

You succeeded RW

Gellar’s post was followed by words from John Stamos,

Actor Adam Rose,

Chris Rankin, from Harry Potter,

The Today Show,

Comedienne Margaret Cho,

And Disney,


Williams’ daughter Zelda announced three weeks ago on Instagram that she would be taking a reprieve from social media to meditate in solitude as the somber anniversary approached.


His son Zak Williams recently told People that the family is coping by staying positive, focusing on “the joyful moments and memories”. “We’re moving through the process of healing and recovering,” Zak says, crediting “wonderful friends and family” for their unending support.

Williams’ son has been giving back to the community in his father’s honor by teaching finance classes to incarcerated individuals at San Quentin State Prison every week. “I come from an entitled background where I could have not worked hard — just coasted for a chunk of my life,” Williams explained in an interview with Today. “But I opted to take pride and joy in the work that I do and to establish accountability.” 

“I think [my father] would have loved the program and loved participating; we know he’s there in their spirit.”

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